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3 min readJan 28, 2022

The surge of covid has led to a massive increase in the online presence. While some people are trying to make their business excel over the internet, some people are trying to build their personal brand. This is done through professionals, known as web developers.

And as you are here, you know that’s you.

For a little more convenience, let us start by telling you what exactly comes under web development.

What is web development?

Web development refers to creating websites over the internet. It includes various aspects such as coding, designing, testing, fixing bugs, and maintaining the websites. With all these aspects, it’s not easy to create a robust website with adequate speed, performance, and user experience.

We are sure, you must have the experience to create such robust websites.

And you will be glad to know how the requirement of web developers has been surging lately.

Growing Demand of Web Developers

Web development is one of the most expeditiously growing fields. It has been projected to grow at 13% from 2018–2028 and the demand for web developers at 8% from 2019–1029. With this, we can clearly imagine how much potential web development holds in further years for all talented people like you.

Now, you must be thinking, how you should start to get more exposure in this field?

Freelance Web Development is the answer.

Freelance Web Development

The best way to get exposure in any field is to do it freelancing. Freelancing gives you the freedom to take up the projects that suit your capability, skills, and time schedule.

For the very first time, or at initial times, you can not join some company full time just for exposure, obviously.

Freelancing is a savior in such cases and Freelance Platforms are the way out.

Pentonium is all that you require to make a career in this field, and at convenient terms. Let us tell you how.

How can Pentonium help you?

You have skills, we are a platform.

This lays the foundation of your career in web development.

Pentonium is a freelance platform connecting a number of freelancers and businesses to fulfill requirements in various fields. Freelance Web developers have been one of the fields, Pentonium is having quite a requirement. Businesses are searching for people who can create their websites for money and close the association as soon as it is delivered to them. No salary-based association has been sought by people anymore. We help you connect with such people.

As Pentonium has been built on the blockchain, it is the most secure, transparent, and reliable freelancing platform you must have ever thought of. We help you make money out of your skills.

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About Pentonium

Pentonium is a decentralized freelance platform aimed at creating a new structure for freelancing. Our motive is to eliminate the pain points of our users, clients as well as freelancers, enhancing privacy through P2P chat services facilitated by Skynet and IPFS for the storage layer. Pentonium also provides a community-based solution to create an automated dispute resolution layer around it.

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