Freelance Platform an economy of $1.5T; Why Pentonium could be revolutionary?

Are you looking for a solidity developer? Did you find one? Where? On telegram?


Crypto is one of the spaces where scamming is a common phenomenon, scaring people away. And most deals that are needed to be paid in crypto happen over Telegram Chat right now and hence have no authenticity of the Service Provider or trust between both the parties.

Pentonium comes into the picture as it doesn’t just make it easy for a client to find a preferred service provider but also helps you secure your Telegram deal through private job posts for a specific user.

How Are We Doing It?

Pentonium is bringing both clients and service providers in a single platform and allows them to work freely as Pentonium is taking care of everything that created issues in the previous systems.

If we talk about the current scenario, there are several existing freelance platforms solving issues with trust like Fiverr and Anytask but people still choose telegram over these platforms. Why? Do they have any flaws? Why do people prefer Telegram?

Fiverr charges a commission of 20–25% on every order which is way more expensive and they also don’t accept crypto payments. However, Anytask accepts crypto. Both have dispute resolution mechanisms but still face issues with trust. Again, why? They are CENTRALISED PLATFORM. They can manipulate data. Where is the security you were searching?

They also don’t allow you to post and share private orders.

Being a decentralised platform, Pentonium gets the edge automatically. Pentonium is just not solving the issue of regular freelancing order, there is a feature on Pentonium which allows you to post specific orders for a specific client privately and share it over Telegram or any platform they want. With just a 5% fee and acceptance of crypto payments makes Pentonium to be the first choice.

Cryptoverse is expanding at phenomenal rate and thus requires a huge workforce to cater such services and for that a platform is much needed which is itself decentralised, accepts crypto as payments, keeps data secure, assures transparent governance and gives privacy to both client and service provider.

Pentonium “A tree” under whose shadow you can relax.

About Pentonium

Pentonium is a decentralized freelancing platform that will create a global market for freelance talent
offering crypto-related services like solidity development, community management, exchange listings
related services and many more.

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