Geographical Boundaries are no Limitations to the Opportunities

3 min readFeb 9, 2022

There was no wrong in saying that developed countries have more opportunities than developing countries, and far are the under-developed countries where people strive to find growth in their careers.

This saying stood steadfast in the 2000s or even a decade earlier. But now, that time is long gone. This is 2022, and we can not forget how we have grown as social animals, how technology has advanced, and how the market has changed; it has a lot to do with the opportunities. How our mindsets have evolved and how we have decided not to sit idle at home because somewhere someone kicked us out of their job or decided not to work with us, without any particular reason.

Again, it’s 2022, and that time is long gone.

It’s 2022, and Pentonium is here as your Saviour.

We, at Pentonium, rightly believe that geographical limitations should not pose any limits to the opportunities. Humans have made this world a global village with all the information sharing, and now, with blockchain, the value sharing. So, today, if anyone has got the potential, skills, platform, and will, no one can stop anyone from growing.

Pentonium, irrespective of location, is accessible to any person who has got the skills, is able to work, and wants to get paid for the work delivered. We want students, passionate young people, oldies, housewives, mothers, and others who wish to freelance their skills from all over the world to empower themselves. You all have got the platform that seeks you as much as you desire it.

We aim to create an economy in which everyone excels based on their skills.

You are a Graphic designer in Bangladesh, a business from the USA must need you.

You are a Web Developer in Australia; a solopreneur in Canada must have been looking for you.

You are a Content Writer in Africa. Woohoo an enterprise from the UK, must be looking for your content.

So, Uplift Yourself with Us.

Pentonium is here to connect freelancers from any corner of the world to businesses in any other corner of the world. Whether you are in a developing country or underdeveloped, if you are a business or a freelancer, we are here to provide you with one of the innovative platforms you’ll ever need to fulfill your requirements.

Instead of promising you to uplift yourself, we want you to uplift yourself.

We have given you the platform, and now making the best use of this platform is what you need to do yourself.

We have given you the resource, now making an opportunity out of it is your choice.

Uplift yourself!

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Mehak Kalra |

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Pentonium is a decentralized freelance platform aimed at creating a new structure for freelancing. Our motive is to eliminate the pain points of our users, clients as well as freelancers, enhancing privacy through P2P chat services facilitated by Skynet and IPFS for the storage layer. Pentonium also provides a community-based solution to create an automated dispute resolution layer around it.

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