How Pentonium can help you in your Freelancing Journey

Scope of Freelancing

  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Web development
  • Crypto writing
  • Blockchain Development
  • IT and Programming
  • Digital Marketing and so on

How to find clients for freelance work?

  • Social Media
  • Freelance Platforms
  • Email Marketing
  • Cold pitching
  • Building a personal brand
  • Content Creation

Why Freelance Platforms?

Role of Pentonium in your Freelance Journey

  1. NFT powered Autonomous Agreement Protocol eliminates the scams and keeps your funds safe.
  2. Freelancers get instant payment as soon as they deliver the work to the clients.
  3. Only 5% commission goes to the platform out of the amount received by freelancers.
  4. Establishing effective Dispute Resolution Mechanism. In this, a separate group of people known as Marshals handles the disputes.
  5. Security of P2P encryption makes sure your conversations and information sharing are confidential.
  6. Transparency of blockchain assures there is no hidden element in carrying on the contracts.


Author :

Mehak Kalra |

About Pentonium



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Pentonium is a decentralised job listing platform with the automated dispute resolution system, primarily designed to cater blockchain-related services.