Pentonium: An Appropriate Freelancing Solution

4 min readDec 29, 2021


Freelancing has given people the edge to make money out of exceptional skills by selling them over the internet. This is done through Freelance platforms that are the marketplaces connecting businesses and freelancers. Till now, most of these platforms are centralised which means they hold control of every activity going on the platform and neither businesses nor freelancers have any access to the information.

This is where DApps have entered the market.

DAPP is a decentralised application that is not owned or controlled by any single entity but runs on distributed ledger such as blockchain and is operated through smart contracts.

Pentonium is such a DAPP and platform that gives users the ultimate control of their data.

Pentonium’s freelance platform

Pentonium is a freelance platform that, like other platforms, connects businesses and freelancers, but in a decentralised way. This framework has been based on NFT running on the blockchain. Catering with all the requirements of freelancers as well as businesses, Pentonium provides for the most convenient, secure, and reliable platform.

Some of the distinctive features of Pentonium freelance platform are:

1. Security

The security of the funds, identity and data of the users is the utmost priority of the Pentonium. The contracts made on this platform are directly between business and freelancer without the involvement of any middlemen. For identical security as well, we have partnered with Hypersign for infrastructure DID. It provides password-less authentication and protects the platform from fake profiles of scammers as well.

2. P2P encrypted chat

Pentonium is always committed to the privacy of the users. Therefore, we use P2P encrypted chat which is itself a decentralised method of interaction. In this way, people can chat without the interference of any third party. For your seamless experience, this service is being provided by Skynet to the Pentonium platform.

3.Dispute Resolution

Pentonium’s dispute resolution mechanism has been meticulously designed to ensure the interests of both freelancers and businesses are rightly protected. We have an automated dispute resolution mechanism. For this, we have a special group of people, known as Marshals. Marshals are independent people chosen by our community, who devote their time, efforts, and experience in resolving disputes and act as guarding agents against any frauds on the platform. In return, Marshals are rewarded for providing their skills and experience in the form of commission.

4.Autonomous Agreements Protocol

Pentonium’s Autonomous Agreements Protocol is a unique feature that allows the users to store every kind of information such as promise, time, amount, deliverables, etc. They are NFT based agreements that can be transferred to other platforms as well without loss of any information or history of the work. With the help of this Autonomous Agreements Protocol, users can create their own platform and earn from it as well.


The centralised platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork take in a major portion of freelancers’ work as a part of the commission of the successful work delivery. They charge around 20%. This makes it expensive for freelancers to get the actual value for the work done. However, Pentonium charges only one-fourth of what others charge, making the platform economical for freelancers. There is a deduction of merely 5% of the order amount that is charged and the rest of the amount is transferred to freelancers increasing the real income.


Pentonium freelance platform, being a decentralised application, is a completely transparent system. The data is on the distributed ledger through blockchain technology which can be accessed by anyone making it reliable for the parties. At the same time, confidentiality remains through encryption making it secure.


Pentonium is an innovation in the market of freelance platforms. Being a decentralised platform already gives it an edge over other centralised platforms. Besides, we have rightly addressed and resolved the other issues associated with freelancing with Pentonium. With the successful partnerships with reputed service providers such as Alchemy, Polygon, KCC, etc., we ensure that there remain no loopholes in the immaculate user experience.

About Pentonium

Pentonium is a decentralized freelancing platform that will create a global market for freelance talent
offering crypto-related services like solidity development, community management, exchange listings
related services and many more.

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Pentonium is a decentralised job listing platform with the automated dispute resolution system, primarily designed to cater blockchain-related services.