Pentonium Joins Forces With Hypersign

3 min readJun 19, 2021

Pentonium has a single point agenda “Curb The Scam”. Since in existing platforms there are loopholes and scammers can generate fake profiles and cheat easily. Pentonium started with an aim to be completely transparent with its users, which definitely comes with a cost. For us, we were able to give a seamless experience of onboarding a user with just one click. But we right away understood this eliminates the process of user identification of the platform. While this can be good for some users, this also creates a credibility issue for such a marketplace.

Now, we are more than excited to introduce our latest partnership with Hypersign. Hypersign, a decentralized identity and access management infrastructure for enterprises, makes it really easy for us. The platform leverages blockchain to provide password-less authentication and verification services that integrate within minutes.

The challenge to identify a user as possible right now by integrating Hypersign. The Pentonium team has decided to make Marshals ( Arbitrator among the community ) compulsory to go through an identification process to verify users’ social handles, only after which they will be eligible to become a Marshal. While for Service Provider and Client it will be optional and going through such a process will add extra credibility over the platform.

“Hypersign allowed Pentonium to deliver a privacy driven solution for creating a credible user profile eliminating scammers creating fake profiles” — Rupak Kumar

We are looking into a future, which is not very far, where privacy is taken care of and is in control of the user itself. HyperSign and Pentonium assure to deliver such a future with a hassle-free experience over the platform. The integration of Pentonium with Hypersign moves the trustlessness of the environment much closer to perfection.

About Hypersign

Hypersign is a simple-to-use authentication and security solution that secures user data by combining Public Key Infrastructure with Blockchain. by Hypermine Labs, an avant-garde technology and research organization that is dedicated to building trust and transparency in the real world. Hypersign is in line with a vision to create a world where privacy is a fundamental right, and where our data is secure and belongs to us, Hypermine designed the Hypersign protocol as a solution that’s fully compatible with OAuth, and offers password-free authentication, verification & authorization services that integrate with any ecosystem in minutes.

To learn more about Hypersign, visit or follow them on Twitter or Telegram.

About Pentonium

Pentonium is a decentralized freelance platform aimed at creating a new structure for freelancing. Our motive is to eliminate the pain points of our users, clients as well as freelancers, enhancing privacy through P2P chat services facilitated by Skynet and IPFS for the storage layer. Pentonium also provides a community-based solution to create an automated dispute resolution layer around it.

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Pentonium is a decentralised job listing platform with the automated dispute resolution system, primarily designed to cater blockchain-related services.