Pentonium Lands On Polygon

Pentonium is a DApp ( A decentralized application ), which means it’s serverless. When an application uses a server to store data, the owner takes care of the fee for the server but for a DApp, every change in state that happens to store or update a piece of data requires a gas fee over the network. Traditionally gas fees are supposed to be paid by the user as this can vary from time to time and could be expensive as well.

DApps are the new thing over the internet. To make a user understand that she has to pay a fee for things that used to be free, for example, a simple job posting, this is really discouraging for her to offer services over a freelance platform. Pentonium has joined hands with Polygon which will massively reduce the gas fees to a level where Pentonium can afford a year’s worth of gas fees for its users initially.

Pentonium team has gone through the migration process of its MVP to Polygon and is been successful to make it public. You can experience it over This has paved paths for the deployment of the main product over Matic’s Mainnet. This integration is eyeing the future of gas-less payments over DApps and creating more scalable infrastructures.

About Pentonium

Pentonium is a decentralized freelance platform aimed at creating a new structure for freelancing. Our motive is to eliminate the pain points of our users, clients as well as freelancers, enhancing privacy through P2P chat services facilitated by Skynet and IPFS for the storage layer. Pentonium also provides a community-based solution to create an automated dispute resolution layer around it.

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Pentonium is a decentralised job listing platform with the automated dispute resolution system, primarily designed to cater blockchain-related services.