Why do you want to become a marshal ?

First things first. What is Marshal, What does it do, How to become Marshal, How will Marshal do its job…blah blah blah… This article will answer your all blah blah blah.


Anyone, who is willing to give his/her experience, time, skills to solve the disputes and act as a protecting guard against any fraud in deals over Pentonium, is “Marshal”.

To become a Marshal, a person has to stake a min. Of 1000 PTM in the Pentonium’s Vault. After staking, they can apply to become a Marshal. They have to fill a form listing their skills and expertise. The form will be reviewed by our community (Anyone who holds more than 10,000PTM tokens). Our community will review the application and will vote in A/B manner. Person more than 60% positive votes will become Marshal.

How will Marshals get allocated for the disputes?

Marshals will get the disputes of 5times the valuation of their staking. For example, A marshal stake 5000 PTM tokens, they will get the disputes under the Valuation of 25000 PTM tokens. So, the probability for the allocation of the job will increase with more staking. Once they are allocated for the job, there will be a time frame under which they have to submit their response. They have to go through the details of the deal and vote in A/B manner to solve the dispute.

So only staking? Why do I stake my PTM tokens? Trading might be an option?

Seriously? Re-think!

Marshals will be benefited by two doors. Interesting? Let’s talk this

When Marshals stake PTM Token in the Vault, they simply get the part of the earning from the DeFi contract. Plus, 80% of the dispute resolution fees goes to those Marshals who solved the dispute. A win-win situation.

So once a Marshal always a Marshal?

Certainly not. There is also a check on Marshal. There are some instances where a Marshal could lose its position.

  • If the stake goes below 1000 PTM
  • If either party of the dispute claims for re-evaluation of the judgement within 24 hours of the judgment, the case will be re-evaluated and if Marshals found guilty on judging the case without any base, Marshal will be penalised with 3 times the dispute fee. It will be deducted from their staking. After three such incidents, Pentonium will decide whether the Marshal is fit for the job or not. After removal if someone again wants to become Marshal, he/she has to go through the same process as a new comer.

About Pentonium

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