Why does the market need Pentonium?

4 min readJan 19, 2022

It’s the beginning of 2022. Every year takes in its lap the beginning or growth of something extraordinary in the market. Indeed, the coming up phase is — Freelancing. The pace at which the freelancing industry has been growing is incredible for the global market.

Covid-19 hit everyone real hard

A previous couple of years, 2020 and 2021 have been a lot uncertain to the whole world. No one had even imagined, some virus would make each and every person in the world sit in their houses, leaving their jobs. During the pandemic, global unemployment has hit unexpected marks.

One of the headlines in UN news said, “COVID crisis to push global unemployment over 200 million mark in 2022”

The reason for such a crisis can be quoted as the new variants that keep coming up. Switching to the TV channels for a few minutes will make you feel, the world is going to collapse in the year 2022. In such times, there can be no surety of job security.

This is where the potential of freelancing lies.

This is where the potential of Pentonium lies.

Working with freedom, independence and flexibility is why people have been finding freelancing as the best choice.

Freelancing — The Solution

While offices were closed in the pandemic, nothing was happening except the firing of people by big organizations. That was when they were thinking of where to make money from. This was when people moved towards freelancing where they get to choose their own bosses, own clients, own working hours, own office, and own charges. They are not subject to a single organization working 9 to 5.

Freelancing has given people the independence and freedom to work. People are not under the heels of their organization who could have kicked them without a valid reason. Undoubtedly, Covid-19 has given a surge to the freelancing industry.

In a case study by Brodmin, regarding the Gig Economy, it was stated that the Global Gig Economy is worth almost $350 billion dollars in 2021 and it is projected to reach $455 billion by 2023.

Versatility is what people needed

The major advantage of the gig economy lies in its vastness. It is not for only website developers or digital marketers, but everyone with their exceptional talents.

In the following infographic, we can see various fields various people have entered to provide their services.

Source: Brodmin

In this, Web & Graphic Design and Programming take a lead by forming almost half of the global gig economy workforce.

Working in an organization means working in a single position — obviously. But, what about other talents people hold?

In freelancing, this question has an answer. You can pick gigs for as many talents as you have.

You are good at Web Designing, go for it.

You are good at Content Writing, all yours.

You are good at IT, who stops you.

Pentonium — An Innovative Freelance Platform

As the Freelancing industry has been going incredibly, the Global freelance platform market size is projected to boom at a CAGR of 15.3% during 2021–2026.

This is why, catering to the needs of a growing workforce as well as the market, Pentonium, an innovative freelance platform has been developed by our competent team. A decentralized platform, fixing the issues being faced by freelancers and businesses on other freelancing platforms, we are striving to provide the independence people have been demanding and expecting in their work.

Author :

Mehak Kalra | icyhotwords.com

About Pentonium

Pentonium is a decentralized freelance platform aimed at creating a new structure for freelancing. Our motive is to eliminate the pain points of our users, clients as well as freelancers, enhancing privacy through P2P chat services facilitated by Skynet and IPFS for the storage layer. Pentonium also provides a community-based solution to create an automated dispute resolution layer around it.

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Pentonium is a decentralised job listing platform with the automated dispute resolution system, primarily designed to cater blockchain-related services.